Jim Jusko, JD

President and Founder, Firelight Health

Jim created FireLight Health in 2020 to foster a more functional marketplace in healthcare services. FireLight provides healthcare pricing data and analysis to help purchasers of healthcare control costs and improve value when selecting or contracting with networks and providers.

FireLight has provided validation services for two public reports assessing more than 1000 hospitals’ compliance with federal price transparency rules. FireLight also recently performed an analysis of hospital immunotherapy pricing reported in Medscape that raised questions about market power and fair pricing in hospital settings.

Jim currently serves on a technical expert panel providing input to CMS regarding price transparency data file standards. He’s an adjunct faculty member at UCLA and a former member of the university’s medical Institutional Review Board overseeing patient safety in clinical trials. Jim is also a recipient of a UCLA Health Innovation Challenge Award. He is a former attorney and received a BS in Mathematics from UCLA and a law degree from UC Berkeley.