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For questions regarding the Employers’ Forum, National Hospital Price Transparency Studies or the Employer Opioid Toolkit, please contact Gloria Sachdev.

Gloria Sachdev, PharmD

CEO of Employers’ Forum of Indiana
(317) 847-1969

Dr. Sachdev received her B.S. Pharmacy and Pharm.D. degrees from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy. After completing a primary care pharmacy residency, she practiced for 12 years providing chronic disease management services in primary care physician offices. She also serves as a Clinical Associate Professor at Purdue College of Pharmacy and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Indiana University School of Medicine. She stepped out of direct patient care and founded a consulting company in 2009. In this capacity, she presented nationally at over 100 conferences and partnered with dozens of organizations across the US to assist in developing sustainable business models for team-based care incorporating ambulatory care pharmacist services.