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Specialty Pharmacy Carve-out by Candace Shaffer – 2-25-21
Maximizing Savings in a PBM RFP Process by Ed Isakson and Amy Ball – 2-25-2021
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State APCDs with Public-Facing Pharmacy Claims Information
Legal and Business Considerations for Employers Considering Mandating COVID-19 Vaccinations (by Krieg DeVault LLP, given at the IMA 1/22/21)
Indiana Rural Hospitals
Indiana Hospital Mergers, Acquisitions, & Expansions (Updated 1/23/2021)
Supporting Health Care Competition In The Era Of COVID-19: Three Legislative Models For States (Health Affairs)
Master Deck on RAND 3.0 National Hospital Price Transparency Study (PDF 12-15-2020)
Master Deck on RAND 3.0 National Hospital Price Transparency (Powerpoint 12-15-2020)
Indiana COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan (12/3/2020)
RAND 3.0 Indiana Update by Chris Whaley and Gloria Sachdev, 11-13-2020