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Legislative Policy Update presented by Gloria Sachdev, 2-6-20
HPV Vaccination Prevents Head & Neck Cancer by Dr. Kim, Indiana Univ School of Medicine 11-20-19
Dumb Drugs & Site of Care Matters, RxConnection and Ivy Tech, 11-20-19
Year in Review & On the Horizon, 11-20-19
Complete Survey Results – Forum Perspectives on High Drug Prices – 9-25-19
Reducing Drug Spending by Pacific Business Group on Health, presented by Lauren Vela, 9-25-19
Perspectives on High Drug Costs, presented by Gloria Sachdev – 9-25-19
Using Hospital Price Transparency to Improve Value, presented by Gloria Sachdev – 8-15-19
Using RAND 2.0 Hospital Prices to Achieve Value, presented by Gloria Sachdev, 7-31-19
Supplement-Table of Indiana Hospital Relative Prices & their CMS Star Ratings, 7-31-19
Supplement CMS Hospital Compare Measures, 7-31-19
Determining Hospital Value, Colorado Business Group on Health, by Bob Smith, 7-31-19
Private Insurance Payments to California Hospitals Average More Than Double Medicare Payments, West Health Policy Center, May 2019
RAND 2.0 Brief Overview of Findings presented by Gloria Sachdev, 5-10-19.pdf
Forum Pilot on Employer Pop Health Reports presented by D.Richardson, C.Royer, N.Roberts, N.Williams, 5-10-19