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Medical Prices and Costs

The Forum focuses on prices and medical costs from an employer’s perspective because increases in prices and medical costs affect employers’ ability to provide affordable coverage to employees and dependents. This topic contains various presentations, resources and links pertaining to medical costs and prices.

Latest Posts

Master Deck on RAND 3.0 National Hospital Price Transparency Study (PDF 12-15-2020)
Master Deck on RAND 3.0 National Hospital Price Transparency (Powerpoint 12-15-2020)
RAND 3.0 Indiana Update by Chris Whaley and Gloria Sachdev, 11-13-2020
NASHP Hospital Cost Tool by Marilyn Bartlett, 11-13-2020
Colorado Group Purchasing by Bob Smith, 11-13-2020
Employer Talking Points for Assertions Against RAND 3.0
Senator Mike Braun – Keynote at the NHPTC 2020
RAND 3.0 Hospital Price Transparency Study Findings presented by Christopher Whaley (NHPTC 2020)
Hospital Quality Variability presented by Shane Wolverton (NHPTC 2020)
2020 Indiana Healthcare Policy Update with Donna Schaibley (NHPTC 2020)
Lowering Hoosiers’ Health Care Costs by Al Hubbard and Brian Blase (NHPTC 2020)
Provider Executive Panel moderated by Marilyn Bartlett (NHPTC 2020)
Employers Using Price & Transparency to Purchase Healthcare moderated by Christan Royer (NHPTC 2020)
Hospital Payment Strategies Action Brief
Innovative Payment Strategies for Oncology presented by Robert Baird, 2-6-20